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Welcome Back!

To all our readers, welcome back and thank you for joining us on our next year of mental blog writing and student wellness loving! This year on the blog we want to continue the hard work of last years’ committee by bringing you all sorts of pieces surrounding your time here at Cambridge, and beyond.

Where to start? Well, we want to start by sending out a message. Imagine mental health is a spectrum of experience. It can range from having fleeting low thoughts all the way to needing to seek professional help. This spectrum is vast, unique and dependent on each individuals’ experiences of their world. So how on earth are we expected to navigate it!? It is easy to see that a large proportion of the mental health conversation centered around speaking up, communicating with others and reaching out in order to get help. But what does this actually mean?

We feel like things can get muddied amongst this narrative. It leaves questions such as…

What counts as being ‘bad’ or ‘serious’ enough to need help?

What do I even ‘talk’ about?

What if they don’t understand me?

What if I am just being over-dramatic?

What if it’s a simple fix and I’ve wasted someone’s time or resources?

These questions and many others deserve a lot of attention because we want to emphasise that no experience or issue is too big or too small to need or want to talk about, despite what our anxious brain tells us. Honestly, every worry is valid, and the Student Minds family want to make that inherently clear. We want to make this blog the place that fills the feeling of uncertainty and cloudiness between the two ends of the spectrum. All experiences. All people. All reasons. All valid.

With this in mind, the kind of things we want to talk about will hopefully encompass this idea of the everyone-and-everything-ness of mental health.

For those who feel like they suffer due to feeling unrepresented amongst our hegemonic culture, we will have the All Minds series, covering experiences from BAME, LGBTQ+ , international, male, mature (& more) student perspectives. Hearing about people who have had so many different experiences is completely eye opening.

Another angle we are really excited to take on is a twist on ‘A Day in the Life of…’ styled pieces. Instead of having people explain their daily experiences from say, a Cambridge student point of view, we want to write pieces where the star of the show is the ever present clutter of voices or emotions in your mind as a result of anxiety and depression, and other issues. In this way, you’ll be able to read and see not only what it may be like for people experiencing these issues, but also identify with, relate and empathise with it.

We see mental health being covered in so many forms of media that we want to do a ‘Mental Media’ series of recommendations such as films, podcasts, books and more to read, watch and listen to, to broaden the scope on mental health. What we hope this will also do is give you a chance to step outside of the Cambridge bubble and engage with things beyond that help you to really feel the importance of keeping things in perspective, and rationalising as best as you can. It’s also us giving you the ultimate excuse to procrastinate and relax in an informative and personal way!

With these and other pieces in mind, we hope you come to the Student Minds Cambridge blog as a little hub to escape to when things are getting too much. It will be a place of honesty, comfort and platform the reality of our shared but personal experiences of mental health issues.

We will always feature a trigger warning in our posts, but please be warned here from the outset that our content will be sensitive and topics relating to mental illness, self-harm, suicide, eating disorders & many other mental health topics will be covered. If at any point you need help, please contact us at studentmindscambridge@gmail.com.

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