A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Easter Term Edition No.1

By Natasha Huang

Hey! My name is Tash and I’m a first-year student studying PBS at Fitzwilliam College. In the mornings, I always make sure to open my windows and let in some fresh air and sunshine while I get ready as it’s a great way to brighten the start of my day. After eating breakfast, sometimes I go outside to some tables set up on the lawn outside my accommodation to answer my emails and finish my admin tasks. It’s so nice seeing people walk past in college and having some conversations before getting started on my work. I love working in the library with friends where we help to motivate each other and go for walks or sit back at the tables on the lawn playing cards for a break. 

For lunch, I head back to the flat and if I’m not talking to housemates in the kitchen, it’s a great opportunity to have a bit of time to myself playing music loudly while cooking. Otherwise I might cycle to town to grab lunch with a friend outside college. As someone at a hill’s college, I find it really refreshing to leave college a few times a week to come into town to feel like I am part of a wider university community rather than just being stuck in a bubble. It’s always also fun to bump into people I know on the way. 

In the afternoons, I usually go back to the library to continue whatever statistics questions I’m tackling or essay revision until the evening and occasionally going back to the flat to watch some ‘Gavin & Stacey’ with flatmates. I find cooking quite relaxing and enjoyable as it breaks up the routine of the day to enjoy some time with myself making something delicious and catching up with flatmates. 

At night after working for a few hours in the library, I like winding down by listening to music, watching some Netflix and reading before going to bed. I also try and plan the next day of work ahead and what I have on tomorrow so I know what’s coming up and I can be prepared, before settling down for a good night of sleep. 

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