A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Easter Term Edition No.3

By Lucy Bayliss

Hi, my name is Lucy, and I’m a second year History and Modern Languages (HML) student at Emmanuel College. Whilst the nature of my course means that I have a less structured day in terms of live lectures or classes, a day in my life might look something like this…

The alarm goes and it’s somewhere between 7.00 and 7.30am depending on how tired I felt the night before and what I have on today. My bed is next to my window so the first thing I do is to pull back the curtain to see what the weather is doing – the sunnier the better in my view! I get up and dressed and make myself some porridge for breakfast (I’ve almost perfected the art of making porridge in a microwave so that it’s nearly as good as its pan-cooked cousin). Whilst my porridge cools, in ‘Goldilocks-and-the-three-bears’ fashion I go for a quick walk to get some fresh air and wake my brain up before I have to sit down at my desk. Being an Emma student, this is a quick lap of Parker’s Piece.

After breakfast, I crack on with some work doing some extra reading for one of my history topics. Then, at 11am, I have a French conversation class with our wonderful college lectrice. When I get back, it’s time for some lunch before getting started on my work for the afternoon. I don’t take as long of a lunch break as usual today because at 3.45pm it’s time to down tools and head over to the sports centre for basketball training. I really enjoy being able to let off some steam and have a run around at the end of the day with my team, especially when I’ve spent most of the day sat in my room doing work.

I am very fortunate this year in that my friend and I have a very helpful system where we each take it in turns to cook for the other on alternate nights. As I have training until 6 today, my housemate has volunteered to cook so that, by the time I’ve got back from training and had a shower, my dinner is waiting for me on the table and we sit down together and have a nice catch up and chat as we eat. How I spend my evenings varies a lot, but today my friend and I have both finished our work so we watch a film to relax and unwind. I’m definitely both a morning person and someone who needs their sleep so I try to get to bed at a reasonable time in order to have the energy to make the most of whatever tomorrow will bring.

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