Healthier Together Scheme

We officially launched the Student Minds Cambridge Healthier Together Scheme on World Suicide Prevention Day 2020. It is part of our plan to continue to improve and increase our contributions to efforts across the globe that try to care for people’s mental health.

The scheme brings together students from across the University with experience of or an interest in mental health issues to support each other in an open and non-judgemental format. Absolutely any Cambridge student can take part! Our aim is to provide a more consistent and reliable source of support than the handful of comments posted on occasional Camfess posts about students’ dilemmas and problems. Essentially, whenever a student is feeling distressed or upset about anything, they can post on the Healthier Together Scheme forum and other students, along with our scheme coordinators, will be able to reply and share advice. All this will happen anonymously, so as to allow students to be honest about their struggles and solutions.

The Healthier Together Scheme takes place online on our forum on Everforo. Our Healthier Together Scheme Coordinators, supported by our President and Vice-President, are also available to direct students to access appropriate support if needed. To join the Healthier Together Scheme, all you need to do is create a free account on Everforo – please remember to make sure that your username does not reveal your identity – and click ‘join’ here.

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