Our Committee

Want to join us? We are always looking for more Blog Contributors and Camfess Responders – just message us on Facebook to join the team! Alternatively, anyone is welcome to join our big friendly group-chat – again, just message us on Facebook and we’ll add you!

President: Anna McKeon

Vice-President: Chloe Fitzgerald

Treasurer: Eliza Leake

Events Lead: Caitlyn Amey

Speakers’ Officers: Malini Sachdeva-Masson and Fathima Manaal

Publicity and Social-Media Leads: Paula Espada Blanco and Daniel Ellis

Camfess Response Coordinators: Olivia Wilson and Lucy Ann Bayliss

Blog Editors: Natalie May Thompson and Emily Bird

Blog Contributors: Pollyanna Hopkins, Tara Bhagat, Claire Laurence, Kit Treadwell, Jenny Grint, Abigail Eagles, Sophie Parker, Jacob Berger, Emmanuelle Twentyman, Madeleine Dunbar, Clara (Yuqing) Chen, Fathima Manaal, Christopher Cheng, Katy Hempson, Nadia Singh, Isabella Gill, Ami Fudeuchi, Molly Ghinn, Kirsten Rose Murray, Nancy Tupling, Thomas Chandler, Jessica Campbell-May, Sophia Greaves, Anya Popat, Sammie Cunningham, Namiat Olamiji Shekoni, Anika Kaul, Jeongmin (June) Song, Ng Sze Mai, Layla Stabile, Eve Carcas, Ines Cropper De Andres, Delilah Knight, Korina Chapman, Cara Sullivan, Dominique Pila, Hande Guzel, Adam Cragg

Disabled Students’ Officers: Abigail Eagles and Sophie Parker

LGBTQ+ Officer: Claire Laurence

Men’s Officers: William Simpson and Kit Treadwell

BME Officer: Tara Bhagat

Intermission Officers: Lauren Norman and Matthew Hewson

International Officer: Priscilla Kung

Year Abroad Officers: Emmanuelle Twentyman and Anastasia Hale